Supplemental (Voluntary) Benefits

Health insurance is a necessity and even the law now! But very often, patients will find that they are not fully covered, as some conditions or catastrophic injuries will incur living expenses and possibly other costs one might not have previosuly considered. If a major health event affects an individual, co-pays, deductibles, and caps on payments can put a strain on their finances at a time when they are least prepared to recover or maintain their income. That’s why staying prepared is so crucial. Supplemental insurance does just that – helps families secure coverage that supplement other existing policies.

Everyone can and should ensure this type of protection. The idea is pretty simple to understand: supplemental insurance begins to provide the extra financial help, wherever a regular health policy stops. Not only one’s health is ensured but their overall well being, as well, as financial stress can directly affect health and keep individuals from seeking proper treatment. Putting a supplemetal policy in effect is also as simple as using an ordinary health insurance card.

Various types of coverage are available – some will comprehensively take care of the demands left uncovered by an existing health insurance, and will disburse funds directly to hospitals, clinics and other facilities. Others will pay cash to the family, depending on the specific condition, which can then secure enough funds to cover for items such as medication, specialized care, and more.

While many will acquire health insurance to protect their health and finances, that is only the first step to peace of mind, as even those carrying comprehensive plans are at risk of suffering the subsequent burden of a critical illness or catastrophic injury. Supplemental insurance can be very affordable and the cushion it provides can be priceless.