Auto Insurance

An insurance policy for automobiles provides financial protection to owners of cars and trucks against physical damage, personal injury and loss of use that is sustained as a result of a collision or theft. Each state requires vehicles that are operated on public roadways to carry a minimum amount of auto insurance. Insurance companies typically offer a variety of coverage options to consumers that range from the minimum coverage required by law to comprehensive coverage policies.

Automobile insurance is required for all vehicles that are operated on public roadways and it is the responsibility of car, truck and motorcycle owners to ensure that their vehicles are insured with at least the minimum amount of auto insurance as required by their state. Vehicle owners must have automobile insurance in place before a vehicle is registered and operated on any roadway.

Automobile insurance works by providing financial protection to vehicle owners in case of property damage, personal injury or loss of use as a result of an auto accident or theft. Vehicle owners pay a premium to an insurance company to financially cover a contractually specified amount of damage that occurs as a result of a collision or theft. When incidents occur, the policy holder makes a claim to the insurance company who investigates the incident and either reimburses the policy holder or pays for repair and medical expenses associated with the incident, less a deductible.

Automobile insurance companies typically offer several different types of insurance policies to vehicle owners. Most states require a minimum amount of liability and uninsured motorist insurance. These types of insurance cover costs associated with property damage and personal injury that result from the actions of one party or an uninsured motorist. Additional coverage such as comprehensive and personal injury protection are usually available to enhance the minimum coverage required by law.

The benefits of having adequate automobile insurance include financial protection of personal property and medical expenses associated with car and truck accidents. Having the legally required amount of vehicle insurance prevents drivers and vehicle owners from facing legal expenses and being financially liable for damages caused by their actions.