Community Cause

Assisting Virginia Families Struggling with Poverty

At present, nearly 900,000 families in Virginia are struggling with the daily effects of poverty, and one in three children in our state belongs to a family that qualifies as low income. Additionally, more than 10% of the young people in Virginia between the ages 18 and 24 are considered “disconnected” because they are not employed or attending school.

Designers Insurance Agency is launching a support campaign to provide assistance to families in northeast Virginia struggling with the effects poverty.

Empowering Assistance for Local Families

Designers Insurance Agency is now officially a Regional Ambassador for the #AgentsofChange group in the Gainesville area. Our goals during this campaign will be to empower financial assistance programs for low income families, to ensure all families in our area have access to fresh food and affordable housing, and to encourage all the children in our community to stay in school and complete their education.

If we hope to succeed in this effort, we will need your help.

The Best Way to Help

The best way to be part of this campaign is to refer a close friend, neighbor, or family member into Designers Insurance Agency for a free insurance consultation. While they’re here, we will provide them with more information on this campaign. And when they leave, we will happily issue a donation IN YOUR NAME to a local program or agency working to support low income families.

Improving Outcomes in our Area

This campaign gives everyone in our community a chance to come together and provide a helping hand to those who desperately need it. Please join us, and let’s work to improve outcomes for all the families in our area.


Wally Arcayan

Designers Insurance Agency

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