The Building Blocks to a Better Community

Are you under the belief that everyone should have a fair chance at living in their own home and have basic necessities like access to jobs, transportation healthy food, and quality foods regardless of any racial, religious, or political orientation? Us too. So does Fauquier Habitat for Humanity, and that’s exactly what their mission has been for the past two decades.


Fauquier Habit for Humanity (F.H.H.) not only establishes homes for those in need but also does home repairs for financially struggling families. They also have a “Women Build” program that empowers women and brings them together over the issue of creating homes for others. Their “offering a hand-up, not a hand-out” philosophy is focused around the idea that better, affordable living conditions yields improved health, stronger childhood development, healthy neighborhoods, and in turn, vibrant communities. 

If housing assistance is something you also have a heart for and wish to help we encourage you to check out to find out how you can contribute or donate. If monetary contributions are not possible for you at the moment, we’ve got you covered! Designers Insurance Agency has agreed to donate $10 in your name for each and every individual you send our way for a no-obligation insurance quote. Help us build a future for those in need!