It’s In the Love, Not the Blood: Supporting Foster Children

The potential held by children to mold the future is not lost on our agency — we understand that to nurture this potential is to sow the seeds of success for our community. This is why we believe that all children, regardless of their vulnerability or whether they belong to a family or not, deserve the opportunity to succeed when the proper resources and tools are provided to them. The Children’s Home Society of West Virginia agrees and believes that every child deserves a safe and permanent home, a family to love them, and opportunities to thrive. 

One of the primary focuses of The Children’s Home Society of West Virginia is finding lifetime families for foster children. Their programs and services include infant adoption, international adoption, adoption from foster care, and adoption counseling for pregnant birth parents. They also offer other non-adoption services like school-based therapy and family resource centers. All of these services ensure that every child has the opportunity to find a loving, healthy home that will support them and help provide what they need for a successful future. 

Helping the Children’s Home Society of West Virginia succeed in this is easy. For every friend or family member you send our way, we pledge to donate $10 when they receive a no-obligation quote. Yes, and that is for EACH friend. Are you ready to join us?