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Client Testimonials
  • Frederick B. I have been with your agency for a while now and I am completely happy with all the service policies I use. I have been with Allstate for over 40 plus years and I will be always be with Allstate and Designers Insurance. Your staff, always ready with answers and a courteous staff.
  • Nesta A. I recommend Designers Insurance Agency to other people I know...they are prompt with their responses and I love how I got a reduction on my car insurance payment for being a good driver.
  • Linda B. I had an accident a few years ago and Allstate handled everything. If I had any questions or problems, you were available to answer and/or help.
  • Chris S. Accurate assessment, prompt service, friendly agent, good customer service. I am very satisfied!
  • Rich B. - Fairfax I have a boat that was being pulled out of the water to have some work done on it by a contractor. My contractor did substantial damage and I had to file the claim file through my insurance. They had some question on my coverage, but through the Designers and his employees, they went to bat for me. Through about a month long effort, they were able to get my claim was paid, which was $28,000 and it was all due to Designers Insurance Agency to make it all happen.